O.O.T.W. - Out Of This World

Girlaxy Gab

The O.O.T.W. Girls luv to use their own lingo. Check out some of their favorite phrases to use when they’re chillin in the Girlaxy.

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Vizi's Visions

Vizi’s so super smart she can see into the future. Find out what the starz have in store for you by reading your horoscope here.

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Gigi's Jokes

Gigi is alwayz lookin for a good joke! Giggle at some of her favorites and share your own jokes here! U could end up on the board yourself.

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  • O.O.T.W. Echo - Coming Soon!
  • O.O.T.W. Superstar Astra - Coming Soon!
  • O.O.T.W. Vibe - Coming Soon!
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Girlaxy Goods

Out Of This World Digital Wallpapers

Bring the Girlaxy everywhere, with O.O.T.W. wallpapers for your computer and cell phone. The bright colors and dizzling lights will make it feel like you really are out of this world.




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